About Jeff Resta

I was born in California and raised in Texas.  Dallas has always been my home.   I began studying music around the age of 8, thanks to my Uncle Les leaving his guitar at our house over the holidays one year and my mom for getting me into lessons.  Creativity, music, art, education and free-thinking have always been encouraged in my family. 

My early music influences were both classical music and rock and roll.  I began studying Bach and Bethhoven to Van Halen and Metallica.  Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Paco de Lucia were also among the many artists I collected and learned to play.  The electric guitar was very prominent, but I really connected with the nylon string guitar so I pursued more classical music.  Until I heard Al di Meola, John McLaughlan and Paco de Lucia's "Saturday Night in San Francisco". That pulled me into learning flamenco music. I had a very inspiring trip to Spain to study flamenco music with my teacher at the time Miguel Antonio and also one of my best friends, Alfredo Gonzales.  It was on trip that I took my Uncle Les' old 35mm film camera and was introduced to the world of photography.

Throughout the years I have had some great opportunities to write and record music with amazing musicians.  And still love to play every chance I get.  Though now most of my time is spent on photography.  I love to shoot the stage.  Music and dance.  Performing Arts.  People pursuing their creative passions on the stage.  Show time! 

My article on the Examiner.com has been a great outlet for my photography as well way to connect with people in the industry.   It's also a way for me to help promote music and the performing arts. 

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos.  There are constantly new images being added.  So please check back and contact me if you have a question.